Am I a man worth listening to ?

Sharp Magazine, a publication for men has a new section called “ A Man Worth Listening To”.The first issue features Linden MacIntyre, a Canadian writer, broadcaster and producer. He appears regularly on The Fifth Estate and The Journal.

This man is well read and up to date on current affairs, this makes him interesting. He has opinions, he has taken risks and made sacrifices. He has known great success and I’m certain has known failures. He is sincere, humble and vulnerable. It is all of these things that make him worth listening to.

We would all like to think that we are someone worth listening to, what greater compliment could you receive right ? I am no different , so these days I try to read more, keep up on the affairs of the world and practice a little humility. With these new habits I may become a little wiser, a little more interesting and perhaps even a man worth listening to.