Do your eyeglasses fit?

I shocked a woman in the checkout line the other day (true story). I recognized her enough to say hello but didn’t know her. I could clearly see that her glasses were crooked and very uncomfortable. I knew I could help her and possibly make her day a little better, so going way out of my comfort zone I said something. I introduced myself as an optician with a store across the hall and would she like to come over and I could adjust her glasses… These are the times in our lives we can really begin to sweat, and I did. She agreed to have them fixed and everyone was much happier because of it.

Properly fitted glasses are something everyone deserves to have. Do they hurt behind your ears, leave terrible marks on your nose, squeeze your temples, and slide down your face? Maybe you’ve tried unsuccessfully to have your glasses adjusted but they just couldn’t get it right. We have come to specialize in the fitting of glasses over the years and we will get it right! Come in and see us if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and we can help.

Jeff Elsley – Optician

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