Rimless eyeglasses…..you should consider them

So lets talk about “Rimless Eyewear”. Everything old can be new again, it’s true that some of the very earliest eyeglasses ever made were rimless. There are so many advantages when considering rimless frames ( glasses with no metal or plastic around the lenses). First of all they are the lightest frames on the market today, they are made of Titanium which is both light and strong. It is also hypo- allergenic for those who have allergies to metal. Silhouette has specially designed nose pads that are angled so as not to leave those awful marks on your nose. When you were glasses all day comfort is paramount. We can make rimless glasses any shape you want from square to round and everything in between. They can also be made any size. I have some men who cannot fit into a conventional frame because they’re head’s are just too big, just as I have women who’s faces are too small for off the rack frames. We customize the size of these frames to fit virtually anyone.

There is a myth out there about rimless frames and strong prescriptions. We are now able to put very strong prescriptions into these frames. We have available to us hi-index materials that allow us to edge and mount high prescriptions into these frames. We polish the edges to make them look even thinner. The other myth is that the lenses will break or crack. We now use a material called Trivex which is guaranteed never to crack or break. The Silhouette frame line is also guaranteed against defects for 2-3 years.

We have become so confidant with frame-less eyewear that we have come to specialize in them. Our major line is Silhouette, which is made in Austria. We have proudly carried this line for 22 years now and have the newest collections on display in our dispensary. They will hold single vision lenses , any type of bifocal or progressives , and transitions lenses that turn dark in the sun.

So if it is comfort, and style that your looking for consider a Silhouette Rimless frame, you will certainly be in good company……. I think, Stephen Harper our Prime Minister wears them !

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