Sunglasses – Why do we need them ?

My little friend Sully here knows how important sunglasses are, he won’t ever be caught out in the sun without them. Sunglasses are no longer just a summer thing, they are needed year round. The winter may be cold and snowy but the sun still shines. Living in the great white north we have all […]

“I’m just paying for the name.”

I hear this a lot in my office. So what’s in a name, anyway? A lot actually. When you buy a pair of eyeglasses that is a name brand you are getting a product that has been designed by a professional designer. They use quality materials that are light, durable and hypoallergenic, comfort is everything. […]


Do I really need an Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating?

Many Eye Care professionals recommend AR Coatings to their patients. An AR Coating is a multi-layered coating applied to the surface of a lens to make it more transparent and therefore less reflective…

Rimless eyeglasses… should consider them

So lets talk about “Rimless Eyewear”. Everything old can be new again, it’s true that some of the very earliest eyeglasses ever made were rimless. There are so many advantages when considering rimless frames ( glasses with no metal or plastic around the lenses). First of all they are the lightest frames on the market […]


Do your eyeglasses fit?

I shocked a woman in the checkout line the other day (true story). I recognized her enough to say hello but didn’t know her. I could clearly see that her glasses were crooked and very uncomfortable. I knew I could help her and possibly make her day a little better, so going way out of […]